About Us

I never ask for a deposit ~~~~~~~ I will only ask for payment after I have shown you my work

AND YOU DECIDE ~~ I am the right web-guy for you!

About Us

Who am I kidding.
There is no Us Just me.

I have been building websites since 1999.
I don’t have any formal training in computer sciences or anything like that.
I do have a passion for building functional websites that are aesthetically appealing. (in fact some would call it an obsession)
Everything I have learned about website development has been self taught with the help of the internet and many hours at the computer mastering my skills. (not to mention all the trial and error)
When I started building websites, I built websites for my own businesses, and then branched out to friends who needed an online presence, then to friends of those friends.
Over the years I honed my skills in creating HTML code (HyperText Markup Language, for those who want to know what it stands for), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and was able to keep up with the ever changing and new browsers that came along so my websites were compatible and looked great on all of them.
Websites are stored on servers in HTML files or PHP files that the browser connects to when you enter a website adress or click on a link, this is referred to as web hosting.The browsers pick up the information coming in from the server and does its best to display the web page by reading these files.
Not all browsers will read the information quite the same way, have you ever been to a website the text or images just didn’t seem to be in the right place?
It may have looked great on a different browser.
I strive to create the HTML and CSS code for my websites so it is compatible with all the various browsers so everyone who visits the site has a pleasant online experiance.
By utilizing the WordPress CMS (content management system) and my skills with HTML and CSS code creation I can create you a great looking website that is not only compatible with todays browsers but is also Search Engine Optimized.

I specialize in small
web design and development.

I focus on web design solutions that effectively meet your needs at a price you can afford.
I can design a web site to suit you and your business whether you’re a computer whiz or have an aversion to the internet.
I will l teach you everything you need to know to get the most value out of your web site.
Maintenance and updating of your web site can be done by you, me, or both as you prefer.
Either way, you will be an integral part of the whole process to make sure the web design of your small business site fulfills its purpose.
I come from a small business background that knows the importance of keeping your costs down.
Your web site can be done incrementally by developing the most important small business web design components first, and adding others as time and finances allow.